Interview Tips

So, you’ve made it past the initial phone screen and now you are being asked to come in for an interview. How do you get prepared?

Relax. Smile. Be Confident.

Remember, part of the interview process is for you to interview the company. Will you like working here? Will it be a good move for your career?

True, some will tell you that an interview is, at least at first, one-sided. The company holds the power of offering you the job or not offering you the job.

So, first things first – make the right impression and let them see how great you really are. Relax and be yourself. You may be nervous, but you should be confident in yourself and confident in what you have to . . .

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Building Your Network

You know you need it, but have you done it.  In today’s world, the majority of new opportunities (jobs, business prospects, poker games, you name it) are not published.  You need a strong network in place to make sure you are, at minimum, aware of the opportunity . . . if not considered for the opportunity.

Many people think, “gosh, I hate picking up the phone and asking for help finding a job.”  It doesn’t feel comfortable and in fact, it shouldn’t.

The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now – Chinese Proverb

If you wait until you need a job or business contact . . .

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5 Myths About Landing A Job

Everyone has a great story about how they got their last job and many will tell you how easy it is to get a job . . . but that’s not always the case.

There are a lot of misconceptions about how quickly an offer will come and what you need to do to get the right one. Here are a list of 5 myths about landing your next . . .

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Best Telecommuting Jobs

Looking for the perfect commute? More and more people are finding it through telecommuting. Working from home, either one day a week or everyday, can be a great option for millions of Americans.

Not every job can be "remote". However, more and more companies are finding that in order . . .

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Working With A Recruiter

When you decide to start looking for a new opportunity, you will likely begin to use three different methods of searching for . . .

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10 Fastest Growing Jobs

The Bureau of Labor Statistics just updated its list of “Fastest Growing Jobs”.  While I am sure it is accurate, it isn’t all that helpful, unless . . .

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