10 Fastest Growing Jobs

The Bureau of Labor Statistics just updated its list of “Fastest Growing Jobs“.  While I am sure it is accurate, it isn’t all that helpful, unless of course, you are considering a career as a Solar Photovolic Installer, Wind Turbine Service Technician or Bicycle Repairer.

However, the job market is as strong as ever and there are a number of great career choices available today.

Key areas of growth continue to be in the Medical Field, I.T., Business Strategy / Finance, and Online Marketing.

Below is our list of the 10 Fastest Growing Jobs – in fact, we even threw in a few extra to make it a “bakers dozen” (13 great jobs that are in demand now!).

Here are four growing jobs in the Medical field:

  • Home Health Aid
  • Physician’s Assistant
  • Physical Therapist
  • Nurse Practitioner

Here are three growing jobs in Information Technology:

  • Software Developer / Programmer
  • Agile Project Manager
  • Data Base Administrator

Here are three growing jobs in Business:

  • Business Strategy Consultant
  • Financial Analyst
  • Sales Engagement / Client Support Specialist

Here are three growing jobs in Online Marketing:

  • Public Relations Specialist
  • Online Marketing Specialist
  • Social Media Specialist

Perhaps your dream job isn’t shown on the list above.  It could be that your dream job doesn’t really exist right now.

With the changing economic environment, new opportunities are sprouting up as new industries grow and expand.

Fortunately, it continues to become easier to research emerging job trends and accessing training online.

So if you ever do want to become a Solar Photovolic Installer or Wind Turbine Service Technician, by spending a little time researching the technology behind these industries and the support systems (sales, finance, marketing, etc.) that drive them, you can be better prepared to land a job in those fields.

For the rest of us, we may need to focus on the strong job categories of Medical, Information Technology and Ecommerce in order to ensure we choose a career path that we will enjoy and will be around for years to come.

Happy job hunting!