5 Myths About Landing A Job

Everyone has a great story about how they got their last job and many will tell you how easy it is to get a job . . . but that’s not always the case.

There are a lot of misconceptions about how quickly an offer will come and what you need to do to get the right one. Here are a list of 5 myths about landing your next gig.

Myth: Don’t worry – it will just happen.

Fact: Well, it’s true, no matter how discouraged you get the fact is, in time you will land another job. But it doesn’t just happen. In fact, you need to proactively conduct your search as soon as possible. Many times, this means beginning your search well before you decide to leave (or are invited to leave) your current role.

Myth: There is really only one way to find the perfect dream job.

Fact: The path to your dream job is just as unique as you are. Therefore, you need to explore every avenue in order to land that job. You should actively build your network on an ongoing basis and participate in industry / professional groups. You should connect with Executive Recruiters who specialize in your industry. You should keep an updated copy of your resume on job boards. You never know where the next great opportunity will come from and therefore, you need to be prepared to recognize it when it shows up.

Myth: If the job isn’t posted, they must not be looking for someone.

Fact: Some jobs get posted and some jobs don’t. There are a large number of opportunities being filled today that were never posted on a job board. Internal Recruiters and Executive Recruiters make their living by filling jobs from their network of contacts. Don’t assume that just because a job isn’t posted that you shouldn’t be reaching out to your network to see what opportunities are available.

Myth: The best person will always get the job.

Fact: No, the person with the right background (at least as shown on their resume) and great interviewing skills can many times get the job offer. We have all see it where people ask, “how did that person get that job – they are not qualified!” Well, maybe they are qualified and maybe they aren’t. However, at the end of the day, they were in the right place at the right time and had worked on their interviewing skills.

Myth: Once you receive an offer, you really shouldn’t negotiate.

Fact: There is still room to negotiate on every deal. Remember, it may not always be more money that you can negotiate – it may be the correct title, an extra week of vacation or the opportunity to work from home.