Invest In Your Future

Unless your are “Flat Stanley”, there is more to you than meets the eye – you’ve got depth! So when you look to invest in your future, you will want to think of the whole picture.

Mind / Wallet / Heart – Nowadays, it is so easy to continue learning online. You can get ambitious and begin taking college courses or keep it simple and stay up to date on your industry and area of expertise. Want to know how to fix your dishwasher or start playing guitar? By doing a little research you can quickly get up to speed.

Learning online is flexible and easy to accomplish at your own pace and at a lower cost than it would have even a few years ago. Your next classroom could be the coffee shop or your bedroom. You can start and stop around your schedule so that your family and personal life doesn’t have to suffer.

As you tune up your mind and skillset, you will quickly learn the old maxim that “money doesn’t always buy happines”, but I know from personal experience that it does come in handy. So don’t just upgrade your intelligence, also upgrade your finances.

Want to know your credit score? It’s easy and in many cases . . . it’s free. Knowing your credit history is the first step in lowering your costs and planning for your future. As you plan, you will want to start not only saving for that next vacation, but saving for the ultiimate vacation – retirement.

Yes it seems like decades away, but by being smart and saving as you go, you can experience the power of compounding growth rates by taking full advantage of either your company’s 401K plan or an individual Roth IRA. Hey, if your company matches part of your 401K contribution, you would have to be crazy not to take the “free” money!

So now, you have enhanced your mind (knowledge is power) and fattened your wallet (always nice to have a safety net), but you are still sitting on the couch . . . why. Get moving!

Your health is a lot like your credit score – it’s simple math. There are a number of Apps that will help you either count your steps or count your calories.

If you want to fight disease, improve your mood, sleep better or even improve your sex life, take a moment and track how much you are eating (and what you are eating) and how much you are exercising. It really makes a difference.

The hardest thing about improving your knowledge, or improving your wealth, or improving your fitness, is getting started.

Remember, you don’t have to be perfect, you just need to improve a little each day. When you stumble, make sure to “cut yourself some slack” and pick yourself back up and start again!