Building Your Network

You know you need it, but have you done it.  In today’s world, the majority of new opportunities (jobs, business prospects, poker games, you name it) are not published.  You need a strong network in place to make sure you are, at minimum, aware of the opportunity . . . if not considered for the opportunity.

Many people think, “gosh, I hate picking up the phone and asking for help finding a job.”  It doesn’t feel comfortable and in fact, it shouldn’t.

The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now - Chinese Proverb

If you wait until you need a job or business contact to reach out to someone you know . .

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10 Fastest Growing Jobs

The Bureau of Labor Statistics just updated its list of “Fastest Growing Jobs”.  While I am sure it is accurate, it isn’t all that helpful , unless of course, you are considering a career as a Solar Photovolic Installer, Wind Turbine Service Technician or Bicycle Repairer.

However, the job market is as strong as ever and there are a number of great career choices available today. Key areas of growth continue to be in the Medical Field, I.T., Business Strategy / Finance, and Online Marketing.

Below is our list of the 10 Fastest Growing Jobs – in fact, we even threw in a few extra to make it a “bakers dozen” (13 great jobs that are in demand now!).

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Working With A Recruiter

When you decide to start looking for a new opportunity, you will likely begin to use three different methods of searching for jobs: leverage your network, search job boards, and reach out to a recruiter.

There are two types of recruiters, in-house and agency (out of house).

When you are working with an in-house recruiter, they are focused on filling roles that are currently available in their company.   Certainly, if you build a good rapport with the recruiter, they can act as part of your network and help you find other job opportunities within their network (even outside their company). By adding them to your Linkedin network, you can dramatically grow your “2nd Level” contacts.

However, a key tactic is to connect with Agency Recruiters. An agency recruiter’s job is to build relationships with a number of companies and therefore, they will be working on a broad set of job opportunities. As you look to connect with agency recruiters, it is important to find people who are conducting active searches within your area of expertise. You can do a little research on Linkedin and on their respective websites to find the right people to connect with as you . . .

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