Review Your Social Profile

Would you walk out the door to an interview without at least glancing in the mirror to make sure you looked presentable? Of course not. You should also pay the same amount of attention to how you look on social media.

You may be thinking, “Hey, what I do on my time, is my time!” and it is. However, it is not unheard of for a recruiter or hiring manager to take a look on one of the social media platforms prior to calling to set up an interview.

Why risk it. Take a moment and make sure you are presenting the impression you want to share.

Your activity on social media is not always a negative factor. In fact, it can make a positive impact if done correctly.

The number one social media platform you should focus on during your job search is Linkedin. You may not think of it as being a social media network, but it is.

Here are a few quick tips to ensure your profile is showing how fantastic you really are:

  • Update your profile with location and short description (let recruiters know what you do and where you are)
  • Get an updated head shot that looks professional (remember, this is not a dating site!)
  • Add bullet points to each job (show off your accomplishments)
  • Ask previous co-workers to provide a Recommendations (it can mean so much more when someone else sings your praise)
  • Join relevant groups and follow thought leaders in your space (showcase that you are tuned in and staying current)
  • Check for typos and poor grammar (sometimes it’s better to have a friend read your profile in order to catch any mistakes)

As for the other social media platforms, keep them social. You can show off your wit and charm but be mindful of what type of first impression you are making with any potential new employers.

Each network will have a way to update your privacy settings.  You should spend some time taking a look at which of your social media posts are private (friends only) and which are public.

If you don’t think your binge-drinking, red-solo-cup, looks-like-my-mug-shot weekend is ready for sharing on prime time, then it probably isn’t.

Remember what your high school Speech Teacher always said:  “Know Your Audience”.  Before you make a new post you should think about who you are sharing it with and if you should make it “public”.

Sharing photos, which are saved on thousands of servers across the Internet, is a lot like getting a tatoo – I hope you will still like it after the hangover wears off.